Associate Professionals

There are many experts in the horse world, some are highly qualified whilst others are not. Some view horses as sports equipment and others as sentient beings and even if the horse’s best interests are of particular concern, knowledge may still be misguided. As a result, those who seek advice may be left confused or with their horses’ health and well-being compromised.

It was with this problem in mind, that Concordia has developed a Database of Registered Professionals who share Our Principles. These trainers have chosen to register with Concordia because they share our values and vision for a better world for horses, however, because we are unable to experience their work first hand due to time and distance, we cannot give out endorsements.

In the future, we will develop assessment criteria and a protocol that offers Concordia Registered Professionals the opportunity to join us as “Associates”, who may then be recommended by Concordia.

Registered Friends and/or Professionals can keep updated on our progress in the Concordia newsletter.

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