Caroline Hegarty

Born in Ireland, Caroline’s passion for horses began when she was six years old and continued when she moved to California in 1993. In search of the best ways to care for and train her own horses, Caroline repeatedly received contradicting information and advice, and she began to wonder how to separate truth from fiction. As she learned more about the workings of the industry, she also became acutely aware of the huge number of horses being abused, discarded and even sent to slaughter – young and old, healthy or crippled. She was so moved by this that she felt she needed to expand her vision to beyond her own personal needs.

With the goal of providing fact-based information to fellow horse owners, Caroline founded Equitopia in 2015. Together with her close friend Kathryn Lauritzen of Padma Video, she started to create a range of videos that are based on research and evidence.

In 2018, Caroline expanded Equitopia to become an online learning platform with free contents and additional information for subscribing members. In order to generate the videos and online courses, Caroline is working globally with leading experts in all areas of education, care, training, and welfare.

Besides Equitopia’s virtual presence, Caroline is developing a network of physical horse training and education facilities, starting with the European headquarters of Equitopia at the Equi Smart facility in the Netherlands and the US headquarters and Equitopia Training Center in Thornton, California.

Caroline has been an integral part and a driving force of The Concordia Equestrians team from the very beginning.


  • Steven Lloyd
    June 15, 2020

    Hi Carol,
    I wonder do you have a contact number as i have a question in regards to an issue about horses manes and neck movement.
    Kind Regards

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