Charlotte Field

Charlotte is an Equine Sports Massage Therapist from Higham in Kent. Charlotte’s journey with horses started at a young age, riding at a local centre until she bought her first horse at 16 years old. Some 14 years later, her partnership with Leo is still going strong, and he remains her biggest teacher and motivator.

Much of their work together now is on the ground, using wellness and biomechanics-based training, in hand mobilisations and more recently liberty training – having a horse work with you when given the choice is a huge passion of Charlotte’s.

Academically, Charlotte holds a BSc (Hons) in Equine Sports Science and went on to study holistic and sports massage therapy in humans before specialising in equine sports massage therapy with Animal Therapy Solutions Ltd, the former school of massage ran by Mary Bromiley.

Armed with her 3 diplomas Charlotte started her massage therapy business in 2018 and now treats horses and humans across Kent and Surrey.

Alongside her manual therapy work in horses, Charlotte has a passion for holistic rehabilitation, and training for wellness. Her aim is to make a difference in the equine community and contribute to a positive progression in the way horses are treated and trained.

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