Fine Contact Dressage competitions are run either online by our Associate EQUIMIND or by independent organisers at fixed-venues.

To compete online riders should make themselves aware of the Concordia rules and guidelines that are on these pages and then go to EQUIMIND to chose the competition that they would like to compete in.

Entry to competitions is from the EQUIMIND website.

Advantages of competing online:
  • Environmentally friendly
    • No travel.
  • Economical
    • Entry fees are minimal because there are no venue expenses.
    • No travel costs.
  • Relaxed
    • Compete in own time.
    • Fun for horse and rider.
    • Comfort of a familiar environment.
    • Free from crowded warm-up arenas.
    • Nobody watching unless you want them to.
    • Free from fixed-time restraints.
  • Time friendly.
    • No travel.
    • No hanging around for results.
    • Free from fixed-time restraints.
  • Healthy
    • Less likely to pick up bugs/viruses or graze on worm-burdened ground.
    • No travel stress.
  • Assessed by a judge who is approved by both Concordia and Equimind.
  • A safe place to receive your feedback in the spirit of a Continued Improvement Process.
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