Criteria for Sharing

Concordia encourages registered Friends and Professionals to share their educational, informational or entertaining videos and articles on our Talking Horses blog, Seeing Horses video library, as well as in our Newsletter.

Each article or video will be taken on it’s own merits, but as a rule, material about training, management and care should be evidence-based and substantiated. There are many different routes that can be taken in horse training and husbandry but some might not necessarily be correct from the points of view of biomechanics and/or behaviour. This is why we ask that shared materials are derived from or informed by objective evidence.

Personal stories should refer to the author’s own story and should not include promotions for a specific trainer or training method.

For the sake of the horses and so that the horse is always put first, the information we share has to be an accurate guide for people. Any information provided should be correct and precise so that it stands up to scrutiny by other organisations or professionals in the field of education. It’s a great responsibility for us all to only share information that we can be as sure as possible is beneficial to the horse.

Because of the nature of Concordia and our belief that knowledge can be shared from the many diverse areas of the horse world, the Concordia Team are open-minded and happy to listen to all points of view for discussion.

Please submit your stories and articles for the Newsletter to

Send articles and videos for Talking Horses and Seeing Horses to

In order to keep the message of Concordia clear please adhere to these Criteria for Sharing. All articles and videos are approved for content by the Concordia Team, and Concordia reserves the right to reject any publications that do not match our philosophy as described in the Concordia Principles.

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