Our Associate, Equimind, is an online competition and training hub where equestrians can send their videos in order to compete in a diverse array of both ridden and in-hand competitions. By sharing the same values and principles as Concordia, Equimind is the natural partner to run the Concordia Fine Contact Competitions (CFCC) in all areas of equitation by promoting ethical training methods and lots of groundwork; https://concordiaequestrians.org/competitions/

Equimind has over 10 disciplines and runs monthly competitions for all ages and abilities of horse, rider and handler. There are even classes for horses that are old but too young to retire, for horses that can or can’t be ridden or can’t compete for other reasons. There is something for everyone and a chance for everyone to shine!

Director of Equimind, Silke Ceruti has joined the Concordia Team and Equimind will be working closely with our Pony Club and Adult Education to create video training and assessment.

The Fine Contact competitions will run under Concordia rules which differ slightly to those of Equimind, but, of course, for Equimind and Concordia the welfare of the equines is paramount. Correct training based on science, compassion, partnership and harmony is most highly rewarded.

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