Esther Berger

Esther is the founder of Equi Smart. In that capacity, she influences the lives of a multitude of horses by facilitating training courses and workshops that aim at improving their physical and mental balance.  Recognizing that a number of people make a living with horses, she also believes that the equestrian world needs to realize that riding nowadays is merely a hobby or a sport (even if some people get paid for it) and that there is no justification for harming horses when practicing either. She likes to compete with her horses in order to demonstrate that being successful and using horse-friendly training methods are not mutually exclusive.

A lot can go wrong during the upbringing and training of a young horse. Esther observed that there are only few horses that seem to have had such a good start in life that they do not develop one or the other kind of mental or physiological issues, and she uses her knowledge of the needs of horses to create an optimal environment for them, so that such problems can be avoided in the first place.

On her farm, Esther explores how horse-oriented husbandry can be combined with everyday practicality. She is developing products and techniques that help to keep horses the best possible way and, at the same time, are manageable in terms of labor and cost. Esther has a background in marketing, communications and change management, and besides overseeing Equi Smart, she offers consultancy services for people wishing to improve their facility with regards to horse-oriented standards and operational performance.

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