Concordia Registered Equine Facilities (CREF) will be a groundbreaking new resource for those who provide horse-friendly services and those who seek them.

Registered Facilities will have to align with the Concordia Principles in a tangible and accessible way. They will be run by Concordia Registered Professionals, take a holistic and horse-centric approach to the services they offer, and pay particular attention to meeting the innate needs of the horses in their care.

Registration will be online and the facilities’ details will then be published on a database. They will be listed by country and state/province/county so that they are easy to locate. Each listing will include a description and a short video, and will be accompanied by a facility protected review system*.

Due to the international nature of the CREF database, establishments will not be assessed or approved by the Concordia team. However, the self-assessment will be comprehensive, and the review system will help to confirm the accuracy of the descriptions.

Our CREF development team are at present working on this exciting project and further details and online registration will be available in due course. To keep up to date with our progress and support the Concordia movement, please register as a Friend or Professional.

A facility protected review system means that establishments confirm that the reviewer has been a client or a visitor before their review is submitted, the facility will then be able to reply to the comments and also to appeal to the Concordia Team should they feel that comments about their services or facilities are unfair or untrue.

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