For in-hand and liberty competitions

We must presume that those who wish to compete in Concordia events online will always put the needs of their equine first.

Cruelty and Misconduct

At the discretion of the judge and Equimind, a competitor who is seen to be in any way behaving in a way that is not in alignment with the Concordia Principles and ethos will be eliminated from the competition.


Type of tack and the fitting of tack must comply with the requirements of Concordia Fine Contact competitions found here.

Tight Nosebands

Competitors must comply with the guidelines on bridle-fitting.

Tight nosebands are not allowed.

Any horse or pony that is seen to be in a tight noseband will be eliminated.

Bitless bridles must provide an instant release of pressure when the rider loosens the reins.


No spurs are allowed to be worn in any Concordia competitions.

We include this rule for non-ridden competitions as we want to discourage the glamorising of the wearing of spurs.


Handlers may carry a stick in the in-hand and liberty competitions. It may only be used with caution and respect, as an extension to the arm.

Sticks must not be used for punishing.

At fixed-venue competitions, any perceived misuse either in the arena or anywhere on the show ground, will incur elimination from the competition/s, and the rider may not be allowed to ride on the show ground.

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