Cruelty and Misconduct

Organisers of fixed-venue competitions may ask contestants to leave the show ground if their behaviour is seen to be cruel or unruly either inside the arena or anywhere on the premises.


Type of tack and the fitting of tack must comply with the requirements of Concordia Fine Contact competitions.

Tight Nose-bands

Competitors riding either in the competition arena, or anywhere on the show ground in nose-bands that are assessed as tight by the representatives of the organiser or by the assessor/s of the competition will be asked to loosen the nose-band. If this request is refused, then the contestant may not be allowed to ride on the showground or ride in the competition.

Bitless bridles must provide an instant release of pressure when the rider loosens the reins.


No spurs allowed.


Riders may carry a dressage stick in dressage competitions. It may only be used with caution and respect, to encourage a light leg aid.  Sticks must not be used for punishing.  Any perceived misuse either in the arena or anywhere on the showground, will incur elimination from the competition/s, and the rider may not be allowed to ride on the showground.

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