For in-hand and liberty competitions

Putting the Horses First

Competitions and contestants who use our tests must comply with the Concordia Equestrians Rules and Guidelines, always putting the welfare of the horse first.

Passports & Registrations

There are no Concordia specific registration requirements.

Minimum Ages of Horses

Foals and equines under one year old may not compete in the in-hand competitions.

Height of Ponies & Horses

There are no height restrictions.

Vaccinations & Inoculations

Not applicable for online competitions.

Appearance of the Horse

The horse should be presented in good condition and does not need to have a plaited mane or tail.

Concordia Equestrians are encouraged to think about every aspect of their horse’s turnout with respect to the horse’s comfort and well-being, for example horses should not have their whiskers trimmed off and tight plaits may well be uncomfortable to the horse.

Ages of Handlers

Concordia encourage all ages to enter competitions, but the safety of the handler is paramount and children must be supervised by an adult.

Dress of Handlers

There is no definitive uniform and the dress code is relaxed, although smartness and turnout will naturally add to the overall impression.

Handlers may wear traditional competition wear if they wish to.

Individuality is to be encouraged and handlers and horses should feel comfortable and most able to perform in what they are wearing, however, safety of horse and handler must be prioritised in the handler’s choice of clothing.

In all competitions handlers should put their safety first and are encouraged to wear a protective riding helmet of a standard specified by their national safety guidelines.

In all competitions children must wear a protective riding helmet of a standard specified by their national safety guidelines.

At all competitions suitable and safe footwear must be worn that can protect the handlers feet should a horse tread on them.

Body protectors may be worn in all challenges.

Use of the Voice

The voice may be used whilst competing, but should be discreet and not a distraction to the test.

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