Gabriele Meyer, PhD

During childhood, Gabriele was so fortunate to gain the friendship of a very special Icelandic Horse, and this relationship became the starting point for a lifelong fascination with horses and ponies. She reads any horse book she can lay hands on, and due to her background in life sciences, she is always interested in horse-related research and how to use that new knowledge to improve traditional methods of horse training. Convinced that education is key to a thriving and harmonious partnership with the horse, she is a lifelong learner and organizes clinics and seminars for her local horse communities. She also writes articles for the Icelandic Horse Quarterly, the magazine for Icelandic Horse owners in the US.

Over several decades, Gabriele has boarded her horses at diverse types of facilities in Germany and the US, and she became painfully aware of the problems most of them have with regards to husbandry conditions and/or trainers that use coercive and highly repetitive training approaches.

A native of Germany, Gabriele currently lives in California and was initially brought to Concordia by Caroline Hegarty of Equitopia in order to help with web editing. Later she joined the Concordia team as international liaison for German-speaking countries.

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