Karin Leibbrandt, DVM

Dr. Karin Leibbrandt is a licensed veterinary surgeon from the Netherlands specializing in horse training and rehabilitation. Working as a mainstream vet some 15 years ago, she discovered that the existing treatments and therapies were not capable of fully remedying many of the lameness issues and neck, back and pelvic problems she encountered in her equine practice.

In search of the root causes of these problems, she found that correct training is an important part of the solution and she concluded that the horse’s health and well-being are being compromised if anything goes wrong in the process of training balance, posture, and movement patterns.

Karin teaches how to rehabilitate horses and keep them healthy by training for balance, straightness, and core-stability. She started the 4Dimension Fundamental Training courses in collaboration with our Associate Organisations Equitopia and Equi-Smart. Her courses give students all over the world the chance to learn more about the biomechanics of correct training and many other factors that are important to keep horses mentally and physically healthy.

Karin is the author of the book Compassionate Training for Today’s Sport Horse where she describes in detail how to teach the horse to balance his body perfectly in four dimensions and why this helps him to maintain optimum locomotion with the least possible amount of physical exertion, resulting in a horse that moves effortlessly and in harmony.

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