Areas of Expertise

  • Behaviourist
  • Dressage
  • Jumping
  • Western
  • Connection & Groundwork
  • Natural Horsemanship


I have a total of 22 years riding experience and have been working in the industry since before leaving school, giving me a total of 10 years working for various trainers in multiple disciplines all over the world (racing, endurance, jumping and western) before branching out on my own 3 years ago. On top of working on the front line, I picked up knowledge attending various clinics by Warwick Schiller, Jeff Sanders, Mark Rashid, Harry Whitney, Guy Robertson and Elsa Sinclair and was invited to the Best Horse Practices Summit in Colorado last year as a special guest to hear from the likes of Dr Steve Peters, Temple Grandin and Gert Heuschman. I now teach all over the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Belgium and the USA helping people read their horses accurately so that they can communicate clearly and give the horse the best version of themselves, so they can go on in any direction with confidence and trust.

What makes me a Concordia Professional?

I have completely dedicated my life to being on the road helping horses with their people problems in an ethical way. I help people confront their personal flaws in a manner where they do not feel stupid or deflated, but are instead inspired to better themselves and thus I have put one more person into the world equipped to do each horse that comes into their life justice. I start and rehab every horse bitless, use multiple quadrants and methods according to what the individual horse needs (not what the person wants) and have a special interest in making sure that the horses emotions are taken into account on top of how he is affected physically by training, eg; a horse who feels good physically will feel better mentally and vice versa.

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