Areas of Expertise

  • Therapist/Healer


Horse Rider Confidence Specialist - EFT, NLP coaching, Hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing and Mindfulness.

What makes me a Concordia Professional?

As far as I am concerned the relationship with your horse should always come first (apart from safety of course). I have never believed it is right to sacrifice this for achievement of goals however, a true connection and understanding between horse and rider will ultimately lead to this anyway. I believe in being kind to all animals and treating them with love and respect and, for horses, using as little in the way of 'equipment' as possible. I have been known to ride bareback and brideless on many occasions! Whilst I only work with the rider I am indirectly helping their horses as a calm and confident rider = a happy horse. I have saved many horses from being sold on by restoring the rider's faith in themselves and then their horse, I share tips on how to respect and deal with the horse's issues too and help riders to view things from a different perspective i.e. behaviours can be due to fear or pain the horse is feeling rather than them being 'naughty'.

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