Gordon Paterson


Areas of Expertise

  • Behaviourist
  • Connection & Groundwork
  • Photographer


My expertise comes from being around horses for over a decade now. My journey began when a horse found me, so ruined in his mind & body that everyone told me to get rid of it. I took a different route, gave up on competition goals, determined to bring this equine back to a happy, healthy life. Years of research on horsemanship later, I now help horses & humans to work happily together, without stress and anxiety and in partnership.

What makes me a Concordia Professional?

After being a senior manager in the pharmaceuticals industry for 25 years I understand what it means to be a professional with integrity. This professionalism I bring to my role in helping horses & humans. I am also a professional equine photographer, so as well as bringing people and their equine friends to a more balanced and bonded relationship, I can also demonstrate this with some wonderful images.

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