Karin Leibbrandt


Areas of Expertise

  • Dressage
  • Veterinarian


Rehabilitation veterinarian and trainer. Specializes straightning the horse, balancing him and improve his corestability followed by a correct movent pattern.

What makes me a Concordia Professional?

Since I graduated veterinarian school I worked for horses with all my heart. I choose a different path that is honest and sincere. Instead of going for the quick fix with injections in joints, I look at a horse in a holistic way and found that training is one of the things that contributes a lot in developing physical and mental problems in the horse. Therefor I built a training and rehab system that is structured and logic to help owners to keep their horse healthy or to rehabiltate their horse with training. Of course training is not the only important factor that contributes to a healthy and happy horse, but I specialized in this area and collaborate with a whole team that can provide all the care the horse needs.

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