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Horse owner for 35 years, started out as a riding instructor and then show jumping from but discoevered it didn’t suit my ideals. Have been riding Bitless for 27 years, 12 years ago I started Bitless Horse, training and advising and authoring many articles. 10 years ago designed the Orbitless bridle. But it is my more recent work in equine enrichment that I want to be considered as a Concordia professional. I have always had a keen interest and active participation in enrichment but this escalated when I created an advent calendar on my page and log. Since then I have written articles In Horsemanship magazine, will have one in the next issue of putting horses first magazine and am writing a book. I have recently held the successful Thunderhooves enrichment challenge and am very even to keep promoting and bringing the subject to mainstream audiences.

What makes me a Concordia Professional?

I firmly believe that horses are sentient beings, who need to not only be treated with respect, but have appropriate environments and care. I do not think that humans have a right to use horses for their own ego and training and riding (my horses are not currently ridden) should be consensual. I think that all horses deserve this treatment, not just the ones deemed ‘useful’, horses are for life, not just for as long as we can ride them. A look at my blog with confirm my ethos on this.

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