Our Principles

Our Vision

Our vision is of a world where all horses are cared for and trained with kindness and understanding.

Our Shared Values

Our shared values are compassion, harmony, empathy, patience, partnership, and honesty.

Our Compassion

Our compassion is for all equines, and also for our fellow human beings, offering a supportive community, where open-mindedness allows us to learn from each other. We adopt the ‘Five Freedoms’ principles that were developed for farm animals and which are: Freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury or disease; freedom to express normal behavior; and freedom from fear and distress.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to promote successful human-horse relationships in which equine welfare is paramount. Through sharing education and knowledge that are based on science, research, evidence-based practice, and compassion, we create thoughtful practices in care, management, and training.

Our Beliefs

Fundamental to our beliefs is the fact that horses are sentient beings, capable of being aware of sensations and emotions, of feeling pain, of suffering, and of experiencing a state of well being. With this in mind, we acknowledge that the management, handling, training, and riding of horses must be in such a way that fear and distress are removed, or at least reduced to an absolute minimum.

We believe in listening to the horses, supporting the learning style that allows for the horses’ individuality, and giving them the time to develop both mentally and physically.

We believe that horses should have freedom of movement and expression, this applies to all the ways we manage, live, work and connect with horses, and eliminates the use of restrictive equipment and force.

Our Desires

Our desire is to be a force for good, and a voice for horses all over the world.




As an umbrella organisation for compassionate horse people as well as equestrian organizations and charities, we bring horse people together to influence and change outdated perceptions of horse management and training. We provide social, knowledge sharing and educational platforms to keep all our friends up to date with articles, videos and news.



By collaborating with our Associates and Associate Organisations whose work compliments or converges with that of Concordia, we are able to share a broad spectrum of knowledge. All information you find on our video page, Talking Horses blog and resource library are based on science, research, evidence-based practice, and compassion. An exciting development is The Concordia Pony Club. Created for young people from any background, we are ensuring that the next generation of horse people worldwide learn thoughtful practices in horse care, management, training and of course, have fun while doing that!



We provide a support network for horse lovers and carers who wish to be a voice for horses in all aspects of husbandry as well as training. We provide databases of horse professionals, associate organizations, and horse establishments that are registered with us as being aligned with Concordia’s Principles, putting the needs of the horse first. Our Fine Contact Competitions support those who wish to compete on a level playing field where correct, compassionate training and equine welfare are put before money, medals and egos.



Our Welfare-in-Action Team collects information about equine welfare issues worldwide. By bringing under one umbrella all entities that are working for a change and sharing their information, links, petitions, blogs, videos and media coverage on one page, we hope to become a powerful resource and a driver for change. Concordia also conducts it’s own campaigns, lobbying those with influence to uphold welfare and introducing Fine Contact Competitions, the Concordia Pony Club, and Registered Establishments.

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