Our Story

In recent years it has become increasingly obvious to compassionate horse people that many of the accepted practices in equine training and care are at best, outdated and compromise horse welfare and at worst, tolerate or even reward equine abuse.

As a result of these concerns, one trainer conceived the idea of a competition where harmony, lightness and partnership were rewarded above all else. In an extraordinary flow of synchronicity, one thing led to another, like-minded horse people connected and in 2015 the Concordia concept was born.

It was realised that we shared a set of principles with regards to training and management that could actually unite those who are looking for the best ways to work with and care for horses, be they from the natural, modern, traditional, or classical schools, or people who just want to connect with horses, through observation, companionship, groundwork or riding.

Fast forward and Concordia is welcoming like-minded people from all over the world. We are building a community of Friends who share Our Principles and an International Pony Club educating the next generations of horse people. We developed guidelines for a new format of horse-friendly Competitions and created Databases of Registered Professionals who put welfare first and Registered Establishments that are horse-centred. Most importantly, Concordia is a compassionate voice for horses that is taking positive action for Equine Welfare.

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