Welfare – Our Undertaking

Our Undertaking

It’s our undertaking to promote thoughtful equine care and training methods based on scientific research and evidence-based practices, thus creating successful relationships in which equine welfare is paramount.

By bringing equestrians together under the Concordia umbrella and working in association with like-minded organisations and charities, we are changing perceptions and practices through education and knowledge sharing.

This undertaking requires us to deepen our understanding of the behaviour and language of equines. To do that, we need to learn to listen to the horses, to be empathetic, and to always consider what it must be like for the horse. When the horse doesn’t do as we require, we need to ask ‘why’ until we discover the cause, which may be fear or pain, or simply a lack of understanding due to our own inadequacies at talking horse. Research suggests that horses may feel pain even more acutely than humans do. As prey animals, they can by nature be both, sensitive and stoic, so we need to tap into our greatest sensitivity in order to listen to them.

We will endeavour to raise awareness of equine welfare issues globally, to lobby governments and governing bodies of the equine world to create up-to-date welfare laws and rules, and to uphold their policies.