Pony Club

Will Be Launched In 2020

The Concordia Pony Club is being developed from the recognition that young people and their associated adults need an inclusive, modern platform to help them with their equestrian journeys. By providing learning opportunities and an appropriate environment for nurturing natural empathy, The Concordia Pony Club will enable better equine welfare now and for posterity.

All young people worldwide are welcome to join us, even if currently they are unable to see, touch, borrow or own a horse. Our mission is to inspire and engage our younger generation of horse lovers in thoughtful and compassionate horsemanship, giving them enjoyment whilst still being mindful of the horse as a sentient being. The Concordia Pony Club will provide support to all those who have an interest in horses by offering resources, activities, education, guided achievements and rewards.

Our Pony Club team are working on this exciting project and further details and online registration will be available in due course. To keep up to date with our progress and support the Concordia movement please register as a Friend or Professional.

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