Registered Professionals

Joining Concordia can be likened to being part of a political party that stands for what you believe in and works for the changes that you want to see.
Registered Professionals have assessed themselves and/or their businesses, charities or clubs to be aligned with the Concordia ethos and they make a commitment to share and uphold the Concordia Principles. They are listed on the Concordia Database and their listing includes details about what they offer, why they have registered, contact details, and a link to their website.
With professional equestrians joining from all around the globe, Concordia can’t readily endorse or accredit them, but they are given the opportunity to declare their accordance with the Concordian movement and a platform to support each other and to learn from each other, with the goal of finding the most effective and compassionate ways to train, care for and connect with our equine partners. By joining together under one umbrella organisation, we gain the power and momentum to have a positive influence on the equestrian world.
Registration is online and free; however, we do ask for a Donation to help with the ongoing work of Concordia. Registration is valid for one-year before it needs to be renewed.
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