Silke Ceruti – EquiMind

Silke spent most of her life around horses – as a competitive young German pony rider, dressage and show rider, mother of two competitive pony and vaulting girls. For her, it always felt like a privilege to have trained with excellent international trainers and judges. She has been active as a South African National Vaulting judge, but never felt the urge to become a trainer. But found that communication with horses has always been easier than with people! In consequence, she traded her law and marketing degree for a degree in veterinary homeopathy in 2013. A riding accident contributed to the latest venture and passion – when she realised that so many horse enthusiasts are incredibly eager to understand and work with their horse in a different way than that which is often promoted and endorsed by official equestrian organisations. Her company EquiMind allows equestrians and horses of all shapes and sizes to compete online with like-minded equestrians from all over the world in a different way. For this, she has been training with Karin Leibbrandt in Holland, which furthered her understanding of holistic riding.

Highlights include

* Vaulting Trainer & National South African Judge

* Veterinary Homeopath & Naturopath

* Horse Show Organiser at EquiMind

* Intensive training at 4 Dimension Dressage, Holland

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