By Susan Gordon

Interspecies Communication and Mind-Body Medicine

We acknowledge neurobiology and quantum physics as a foundation for interspecies communication, The Tran-species Field Theory, and the Compassionate Field Theory

For some equestrians and animal lovers, communicating with animals is a “no brainer.” In other words, there is a two-way exchange occurring between beings on a verbal or non-verbal level allowing for responses from one another acknowledging the receipt of that communication.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of your horse, dog, or cat and you just “know” what they are requesting? A lot of times you realize their inner clock says, “Hey! It’s feeding time!” But there are other instances that might have nothing to do with their desire for food or treats. Sometimes they leave us scratching our heads or in awe over the degree to which they are able to send us a clear message.

What drives this possibility of interspecies communication? How do we even begin to explain it to people who either don’t believe in it or have never had such profound experiences?

There are those who accept anecdotal evidence and those who require peer-reviewed science in order to transcend the notion of “belief” when it comes to this manner of interactions.

Even in recent times, science has turned a blind eye to the fact that animals feel pain, let alone possess the ability to feel emotions. Fortunately, ethics and further research has proven otherwise, yet we still see animals tormented in far too many ways. The same holds true for humans who find themselves in the hands of people who seem to have little consciousness and compassion for living beings.

Juliana Brossolette of Conscious Equine  Connections and Sunny

Is there truly a “field” of quantum energy and infinite possibilities that could connect all sentient beings through the heart and mind? Does the resonance of invisible waves and particles have more of an effect on neurophysiology than we might think?

These questions have been asked and researched for decades now. Pioneers in the field have braved pushback and skepticism while furthering understanding of the quantum field and identifying the mechanisms by which it can facilitate communicating on a level that we all practice whether we are aware or not.

Quantum electrodynamics and the effect of charged particles on human and animal biology is still a developing branch of science. There is now enough documented evidence to support the early work of people such as Dr. Larry Dossey (Reinventing Medicine, Harper Books 1999), Doc Childre (Founder, The Institute of HeartMath), and Dr. Dan Siegel (Mindsight, Bantam Books, 2010), along with many others. See Chapter 17 pp 289-302 in The Compassionate Equestrian for additional information.

Headlong into the 21st century we are making further inroads to understanding the mechanisms of Universal Consciousness. As we find ourselves in a quieter world thanks to the pandemic restrictions, perhaps a side effect is the opportunity to spend more time in a less busy state of mind and a meditative connection to a greater field of possibilities.

The Future of Quantum Biology:

A short video that illustrates the silent language of “the field.”

“I’ve often had to explain the reason a thought can give us a heart attack… there are 40,000 neurons connecting the brain directly to the heart and they carry a lot of electricity – enough to short circuit and shut down that powerful electro-biochemically energy-broadcasting pulsing heart. We’re talking about a lot of energy.

One of many reasons others can feel our loving thoughts, is that when we are thinking and feeling love, the same electro-biochemically pulsing heart will amplify those loving thoughts coming directly from the brain and carry the accompanying feelings as the energy fields flow out from us and broadcast or narrowcast depending on our focus, (and certainly those same tools sense and channel feedback which will just make it flow more again.) It is a lot of energy. A lot of power.  Are we doing the best we can with it?”

Harold Finkleman, Calgary, Alberta


Canadian Institute for Transpersonal and Integrative Sciences

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