Fine Contact ~ the subtle connection between horse and human.

Concordia Groundwork, Connection and Dressage tests, are now online, so whether you are competitive or just want to have ongoing assessment, we have a test for you!

All tests are progressive and reward correct training, lightness, partnership and trust, and are designed for those who seek the most respectful ways to communicate our requests, and for ridden horses, the most comfortable ways to carry us. Our July tests are at basic training levels with new tests added on a regular basis. More advanced tests will gradually be introduced. The test this month includes groundwork walk, walk and trot, a test with ground poles, a connection test and a class for senior horses who are 20 years and older. The dressage tests are at our first three levels of training, starting with walk and trot tests and one that includes canter.

The Concordia Dressage tests are unique with the majority of the marks for the overall impression of the rapport of human and equine being rewarded most highly. The groundwork tests are a fun way to progressively develop rapport, suppleness and connection.

All competitions are supported by our Associate 4DimensionDressage and run by our Associate Equimind, they can also be coordinated by independent organisers in association with Equimind, either at multiple or fixed-venues. Full details, Concordia guides and rules are on the Concordia website.

Online competitions and assessments have SO many advantages for both horses and humans and with the entry criteria created by Equimind it has never been easier to compete… it will be even more simple when their new app is launched this month!

To Enter – Click Here – Remember to use the “finecontactjuly20” code to get your 10% discount!

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